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The Beijing Tailong Plaza Hotel is located on East Zhushikou Avenue,close to Qianmen Pedestrian Street.On offer are 316 rooms. A 360-square meter multifunctional hall and three conference rooms are available for booking.Guests can choose from either Chinese or Western cuisines from the dining outlet.In addition,this Beijing hotel also offers airport pick-up,ticketing and foreign exchange services.[View Detail]    

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  • jocelynle
    Yes, stay here next time
  • moya776
    Location is good, directly from the airport, take the airport bus Line 7 line the entrance to the hotel, very convenient. pedestrian street, dashilan hundreds of meters away from the front door, shopping is very convenient, opposite the hotel there is a KFC, a supermarket on the first floor, next to the hotel the 7th metro lines, the room is big, bath foam is also great, overall satisfaction with facilities is a bit dated.
  • flyfei7
    Many environmental, accessibility is good
  • bao3808
    Well, on Qianmen Street South, very convenient.
  • litleaf001
    Pedestrian street next to the front door, and traffic was helpful, breakfast was good
  • bailing2000
    Please ignore our room very. good location, turn right go out 3 minutes is the Qianmen Street, very convenient, to Tiananmen Square, the forbidden city is not very far, walking about 2 stops, walk in Qianmen Street, Qianmen children the elderly can take the bus to Tiananmen Square, the forbidden city. hotel services very well, housekeepers and front desk very helpful.
  • e00760765
    Waiter service very good! nice! Zambia Zambia Zambia Zambia?
  • Desalt
    Good *O*
  • Jeffteng
    Location: Temple of heaven, the forbidden city convenience. Niujie Street and main street from the front door is very nice: before 12 can check, twin requirements are satisfied. Good health facilities: WiFi signal, Super, fast. rooms are spacious and comfortable.
  • WANG.William
    Airport bus directly in front of, meals travel ten convenient residence hotel
    Good location, hotel facilities were very good,
  • fujingbo
    Choose to stay another day, the results didn't clean the room, location and convenience.
  • Dead_line
    Service needs to be improved, address location, very close to the fence, walk up.
  • c139000
    Good location, very close to Tiananmen Square
  • wxybuaa
    Hotel location is good, away from Metro station and street are is near, in Beijing this location of hotel this price can said price is high has. due to scheduled Shi notes to big bed room, hotel may temporary no so to upgrade to administrative floors has. room within bed is two Zhang 1.2-meter of bed mosaic of, three mouth of home enough has. but worth criticism of is hotel of breakfast, children not to 1.2-meter, we out breakfast also no charges had, this hotel is received full price, this some let people toAccept, say half price for 1 m, 1 m complete. humanized some hope in this regard. breakfast quality is average and the next time you go out for breakfast rather than not get ripped off here!
  • e02103207
    Services are particularly good, Hall will speak with us lot of services would recommend a lot of play, good food
  • freivogel
    Hotel surroundings well, is near from the Tiananmen! 1.2-meter only drawback is breakfast the following half of the meal charge for the children, this is too unreasonable!
  • Joyance
    Nice, nice, convenient, very close to the Metro station, a number of attractions are also close, but too bad sound insulation, total wake up!
  • bacey
    Old places, often live.
  • dang_andy
    Hotel location is very good, just across from the subway station, next to the pedestrian street. the bed was very comfortable, room is not so good sound insulation, the corridor's voice could be heard clearly.
    Hotel prices moderate, 88 Yuan more expensive for breakfast, big room, does not match the TV was too small and the room smell
  • angelarao
    Very comfortable, great service, very comfortable
  • Bruce5211
    Great location! clean! comfort service good! stay special satisfaction! trusted
  • minson
    Spacious rooms, is the water is not very clear. well. Services and facilities can be. early is also good
  • ltt11
    Hotel location really of no said, before and after all surrounded with Metro, and bus, key away from Tiananmen too near has, front door Street walk a minutes, snacks food is rich. This is second times staying, to later Beijing also is not II of select! also has is away from Temple of Heaven also super near, walk past more than 10 minutes, Temple of heaven is for slowly around, heavy dignified, inside also has various since group of band performances, so near can every day to shopping.
  • xixinvluo
    Hotel was good, good location, convenient traffic, lots of places to eat around the hotel buffet breakfast,
  • jlning001
    Nice breakfast-West, taste good. below is 7-11, was very convenient
  • gpwang
    It's awesome! nice
  • e01305117
    Good location, excellent price, behind the old root Villa than any roadside so-called noodles are delicious, prices are super friendly, highly recommend
  • bennben
    Hospitality, nice, not far from Tiananmen Square
  • Toto747
    Living in this is very convenient, the seventh Metro, overall satisfaction with five points
  • neo-rubydragon
    Transportation is very convenient, the environment can also, is TV too small.
  • annuo
    Very good hotel! recommended! easy, fast, rooms are very good. the only regret is that breakfast, restaurant staff Curt. but it is worth recommending, close to Tiananmen Square, just on the edge of the front door.
  • sunset123456
    A very good environment and convenient transportation, da Zha LAN went more than 10 minutes from Tiananmen Square, breakfast was good.
  • Salan
    15-minute walk from Tiananmen Square Hotel, very clean, great service, and is located in the Centre of Beijing, great, highly recommended. because there is no room, have also been upgraded!
  • elly_liang
  • Albertyt
    Line 7 from line where you want to transfer, but Tiananmen can go to the forbidden city, staff attitude not to star hotel standards
  • jinling01
    Which is very nice
  • Lailou
    Friends said she was good
  • e00101314
    Hotel location excellent, very good, cost-effective ultra-high.
  • l100200l
    Rooms are large, small TV. the surrounding environment and travel is also very convenient, very close to the Beijing railway station.
  • cocolee888
    Around 90 buildings of hotel are very noisy and stack for building the site, four two-star facility
  • ambrosiali
    The strategic location of the hotel, 100 meters walk to the front door, food shopping is very convenient. General hotel facilities, room was big, bath a bit small, poor smaller TVs, TV is broken we stayed 4 days 3 days, take 2.
  • c11060915
    Good location, in the big front door and next to the pedestrian street, the 7th Metro opposite.
  • along_0911
    Good location, next to the Qianmen Street, nothing can go. is the closest subway station is close to the street is a bit far away from the front door very clean hotel next time I come to Beijing will continue to choose this hotel.
  • e02193112
    Nice, convenient
  • c444711864
    Hygiene and breakfast could be improved
  • e03431858
    Good location reasonable price
  • amy1115
    Hotel room was very close to the front door you can see the front door directly off season price right
  • longbaobao0813
    Environmental health is good