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The Beijing Tailong Plaza Hotel is located on East Zhushikou Avenue,close to Qianmen Pedestrian Street.On offer are 316 rooms. A 360-square meter multifunctional hall and three conference rooms are available for booking.Guests can choose from either Chinese or Western cuisines from the dining outlet.In addition,this Beijing hotel also offers airport pick-up,ticketing and foreign exchange services.[View Detail]    

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  • jueyi524
    On traffic for, hotel location really of is good, distance 'beads city mouth' station Super near ~ but this price and service not match, I is early in online set has small suite, results to has shop in was and I said didn't room has, not know Hotel how and manpower arrangements room of. and room no heating, again early quilt also no, only blankets provides......
  • tangxi73
    Convenient travel accommodation OK!
  • non_rien
    Location very very good, hotel outside on has Metro station, not distance also has bus station, go several minutes on to front door Street, 10 minutes on to big fence, and fish mouth Street, front door Street end of main entrance opposite road is Tiananmen Square, then Palace, these place are is can walk past. hotel built have some year has, but equipment also is good, is clean not is too clean, bed Board, and desktop has many dust, sheets also not too clean, not daily to youFor sheets, unless you put bedside table of that small brand put bed Shang. I and dad MOM three a people a room, hotel requirements we added bed, or not allows 3 a people 1 a room, but we was on intends to added bed of, so OK's, not containing breakfast added 120 Yuan, containing breakfast of added 160, to convenient, select has 160. added of bed compared small, and night a turned on ring. but, General for, also is good of, will recommended friends to live! on has, downstairs that homeWhat thought Shu Sichuan restaurant do don't to, food very not fresh, tableware very dirty, attitude bad, Shu had bowl of water was in front of we surface pour back kettle in to other guest drink, we of that pot water also floating with leaves, didn't eat how many on can't again eat, pay leave, results day night I MOM diarrhea, put I scared has, had has two days only recovery came! hum
  • Allan1998
    Daytime temperatures are high in early October, there's no refrigeration and air conditioning in the hotel, made recommendations to improve!
  • vmpmd
    Was very close to the front door, go out the front door the street and Metro station
  • cy690110
    Second stay at, needless to say, with satisfaction, that is, price is a bit high.
  • janneyjan
    Hotel convenient transportation! nice!
  • MIC7420
    Hotel is quite expensive!
  • Bill0821
    Hotel location is very good, easy reach of Tiananmen Square, walk on the line, not far from the Temple of heaven. transportation is convenient, close to Metro Line 7 line, traveling very convenient. hotel is near the Qianmen Street, there are a lot of good food. hotel services is also good, refrigerator safety deposit box in the room ... only thing is that the room looks old, TV too small.
  • antia
    Hotel location is very good, Tiananmen Square to walk more than 10 minutes away from home, and buffet breakfast very good
  • cidywww
    Location is so delicious
  • alison1225
    Near Qianmen Street, convenient
  • danly
    Pretty good,
  • jumping2002
    Poor, poor, poor air conditioning in such cold days didn't, saying it was not in the winter, that live why don't say? to the light in the room was very dark, outdated facilities is unreasonable, bed no outlet, bed far away from the TV, in addition to the slightly larger rooms, not good
  • e01024204
    The hotel location is very good, very close to the Metro Line 7 zhushikou. health good, breakfast is rich. Walk out the door right hand side 100 metres there is the Mall, walk walk, there is a lot of food and very noisy at night. Also choose this hotel next time I go to Beijing!
  • baggio007
    Environment, is mainly the venue official hotel
  • E00023072
    The very good location of the hotel, away from the Metro Line 7 zhushikou station is less than 500 metres, street is 500 meters away from the front door, downstairs there are supermarkets and Yoshinoya, many kinds of hotels breakfast, taste good, room well cleaned every day, fly in the ointment is the sound is not very good, in short or very satisfied.
  • atmetalan
    Good, very convenient
  • semifeng
    Facilities for too long.
  • jennify
    Extension, not bad
  • fiona89757sd
    Traffic is good
  • meggine
    Very convenient for transportation, the environment and service was good
  • stanleyng1023
    Yes, satisfied with the upgraded Executive room
  • @_@001
    Advantages price high this times is himself group self tour, set has 8 between room/each late, altogether live has four late. is located in downtown, traffic very convenient, on in front door street next, to North through street can mastery Tiananmen Square; to South a km around arrived Temple of heaven. for self tour of visitors very convenient, even to to other attractions like Summer Palace, and yuanmingyuan, and Tsinghua North as long as in door opposite sat Metro, turned once on can direct. next has toBeijing also will stay, the price is not expensive
  • coder
    Very good accessibility to services which are conveniently in front of so many people every day, after all, hard to warm ourselves and just be happy for everyone
  • e02234454
    Very good location, next to Beijing, also lived here.
  • abu009
    Good location, very close to the subway station, Beijing Hutong eating convenient, big sister to the room cleaning service, very friendly, will stay again.
  • canoe
    The side of the road, easily accessible, from the Qianmen Street recently, away from the fence, fish food, Quanjude, qingfeng buns is close to the shops and so on. for families children travel for the elderly. the hotel followed by Liu big stage
  • foxyy
    Well, from the Cheonan near
  • LX1101
    Which is very nice
  • ai_nian
    Distance to Tiananmen Square is close to the front door, where convenient, the price is good, hotel is very clean and safe, to Beijing will choose later haha
  • Gary.wang
    Hotel health very good breakfast good child eats well is near the Qianmen Street snack of fish a good personal feeling from Pearl City station is also very close to standard rooms are very spacious feel good
  • bbsm2002
    Very close to Tiananmen Square, walk ten minutes!
  • unilover
    Good location, away from the front door, dashilan is close to the business district, is tourism good choice, very satisfied!
  • overseasyang
    To the 7th Metro bridges. street next to the front door, not far from Tiananmen Square.
  • felixyalian
    Very good, very convenient
  • e05110545
    Good location
  • lxc020918
    Environment are very good!
  • cs1789
    Overall pretty good, both hardware and software, are not particularly picky is good
  • ajsisteel
    Lovely hotel, turn right out is the Qianmen Street, morning square to watch the flag-raising, a brisk walk for 20 minutes, clean air, very comfortable. the only inadequacy is that the WiFi is not very good
  • jane520david
    Service is good, regardless of occupancy, consulting or help with luggage, doing very in place. room design and attention to detail, very kindly thought. Lack of breakfast is more expensive, breakfast place near far. bath mat to pay attention to clean the room, toilet water is not smooth enough, the ground water.
  • ronglulu
    Room was fine-very good, hotel staff enthusiasm, good quality of service, equipment, facilities
  • MXBenny
    Which is very nice
  • moslembo
    Line 7 line zhushikou out 150 meters, 10 minutes walk to Tiananmen Square, the hotel is a large, management standards, recommended occupancy.
  • yangle_le
    Location very good, out right turned half minutes front door Street, and two minutes big fence, and five minutes front door, right turned half minutes Liu old root big stage, a minutes cheap square (duck), six or seven minutes Tiananmen Square. Street opposite Metro Line 7 line (direct West railway station), Beijing Metro, extending in all directions to there are convenient. Gao Tienan station bus 20 road big fence Xia, back Xia 20 meters on to hotel, service, and health, and facilities are is ideal, and is in place, even live has five late. worth recommended!
  • bianguoling
    Hotel in Qianmen Street, travel to the forbidden city, Tiananmen Square was convenient! hotel has a private car, and negotiating a price to the major scenic spots, but you have to understand, don't be ripped off!
  • fanyalong
    In addition to the mold of the corner is well
  • jason8469
    This is with elderly and child with staying Beijing Thai Dragon international big hotel, also is very satisfaction of, service mean than strong, hotel of location is leading of, travel very convenient, away from Tiananmen is near, around dinner also is convenient, hotel price high, and breakfast affordable and not waste, shortcomings is Hotel TV too small and somewhat old, this aspects hope can has improved, next to Beijing also will set here.
  • cs5586
    The Beijing best hotel. bed very. very clean. four all of two metres by two metres of the big bed. great location. da Zha LAN, Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum next to the front door. subway. service attitude is good.
  • e01512988
    Good, very good