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Copolymerization cowboy meet Beijing second fan meeting ended

Date: 2013-07-16

In 2013, the securities star strategic cooperation with cowboy net, securities star was founded in 1996, the nasdaq listed company, China's financial online (C.F.O.) site, the earliest Chinese Internet financial services professional website.
Live stock market securities star was founded in April 2013, is a joint securities star cowboy network jointly build the vertical community platform for individual investors.
Stock market securities star live together in the securities investment for the common interests of individual investors, site selection, operation, training of fry a master or opinion leaders (hereinafter referred to as the seeding of principal) released its unique ideas, operation, for friends to provide real-time solution set and disambiguation answer service.
Four years accumulated achievements of China's largest and most professional stock market live platform
For four years, the cowboy cumulative net service for forty million people, 6.8 million people interact and share notes, accumulative total more than 2000 by the main dish, disambiguation friends to share real-time solution answer, cowboy network has become China's largest and most professional stock market live platform.
From online to offline just to listen to each other for further service
In order to make friends and play the main, standing from online to offline, where we can talk face to face the future together market strategy, investment experience exchange and sharing live to experience. Held once every year since 2012 offline fans meeting, in May 2012, the first fan meeting held in zhengzhou, henan, although is the first time, but still got many friendly review, standing party got friends many pertinent opinions and contributed to the cowboy network for nearly a year in all kinds of reform progress.
A new annual meeting on the main line-up is unprecedented
Since February 2013, because of a drop in prices has been in a single direction, the cowboy net is responding to the requirements of many strands of friends and to vote at the end of June the event, held in Beijing, the star of united securities, and an unprecedented invitation to a house, lotus pond moonlight, naughty Buddha, the qi, GuHai survival, the capital of retail, youwe warships, di xuan, spark, don't work against the trend, champions league battle of traders, such as looking for ghost shares more than 20 master, to guide you, to share in the second half of 2013 the stock market investment strategy.
Join hands to create a new future of live
On June 29, the main feeding, guests and friends gathered in Beijing Beijing tyrone international hotel, the second scouting in cowboy net. Meeting, network CEO Lu Yu cowboy newsletter from cowboy network development history, the main business, the enterprise scale and made a brief introduction; And for the current situation of the development of network cowboy, corporate strategy, business layout, brand concept, the future development and the cowboy network with a number of cooperation platform, such as with securities star did briefly about strategic layout. Later, general manager of jiangnan securities star for two demonstrates the depth of cooperation, also suggests that the future will be rising stock market securities star broadcast propaganda.